August 5, 2016

Fungus Code Contribution

Fungus is a free, open source tool for creating interactive storytelling games in Unity3D. After a lot of searching around for the right tool, we decided it was the best out there to create our Robo-Rinku visual novel. It has a great community around it, a supportive and awesome developer (Chris Gregan), and it can be used by non-programmers.

As we work on our game, we make it a priority to contribute code back to the original project so that Fungus can grow (lol) along with us. We think it’s important for the VN-writing community. Leah, who is a software developer at her day job, has had several pull requests accepted on Github by Fungus Games already! Here are some posts about her progress on her blog.

Zeal+ and Leah Lee are open to contract work if you would like to add your own functionality!