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Robo-Rinku Visual Novel

Based off of the Robo-Rinku Comic. Follow Rinku as she finds love, discovers a dark secret about her family and tries to fit in.

Fungus code contribution

As we work on the Robo-Rinku visual novel, we’re working with Fungus to add functionality that will benefit the Visual Novel writing community.

Community Involvement

Working with the comic and game-making community through social networking and providing tutorials at


Creating fun and inclusive content

Zeal+ is a gathering place for projects and ideas with a focus on gaming and interactive story-telling.

We provide art and programming services and use the income to fund the production of our comics, visual novels, or anything else we think up.

Let us know if you want to team up!

  • Art

    Game art | Illustrations | Comics

  • Programming

    Unity3D | Web | Prioritizing Open Source

  • Heart

    We put our heart and soul into everything we make

  • Zeal

    The power of zeal is what helps us get stuff done!

The talent

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Leah Lee

Programmer | Artist
Elite Technomancer and art summoner.

Creator of the original Robo-Rinku and A Fool’s Deception Comics.
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Kelly Prill

Project Manager
The Keeper of books and schedules. Master of arcane management spells.
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Writer | Editor
Writer, editor and druid to the elements of story.

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